Your partner specialized in supply of essential oils and aromatic products from the Eastern Europe countries

Originally a French company, BETEN produces in Eastern Europe since 1999 directly through several local subsidiaries and with some local partners, a range of essential oils and other aromatic products coming from the plants of this area which were supplying once upon a time 80% of the so called « Russian » aromatic products of the Soviet Union.

Operating today in Ukraine, MoldovaRussia, Poland and Croatia the company masters supervision of the crops, precise follow up of the harvest, technical know-how in the improvement of the transformation units, as well as an expertise in exporting these products with a high added value towards Europe and the rest of the world.

This upstream implication enables to ensure a policy of transparency and traceability. BETEN has also been committed for many years in practicing certified organic agriculture as well as the implementation of fair trade practice principals. Furthermore, our products are analyzed, sampled and delivered with all the certificates and warranties requested by our clients, according to the current legislation.




evening +29
night +21
morning +20
afternoon +27


evening +17
night +15
morning +17
afternoon +15



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